08 maart 2022
By Arjan Woolderink
The interrelationship of supplier satisfaction and supplier relation specific interorganisational systems investments, a case study at VDL ETG Almelo

Buying firms are more and more dependent on their suppliers for competitive advantage in the competitively increasing environment they find themselves in. To obtain preferential treatment from suppliers, buying organisations would need to be a preferred customer with supplier satisfaction being a necessary condition to obtain this status. Moreover, good interorganisational information systems between buyers and suppliers can be a source of competitive advantage as well and interorganisational systems might have an increasing presence with the ever-growing data produced, used and shared in the supply chain. With the implementation of interorganisational systems requiring relation specific investments from both parties in a buyer-supplier relationship. Thus, the prime objective of this study is to confirm the antecedents of supplier satisfaction and in addition to that, the antecedents to motivating suppliers to make relation specific interorganisational systems investments are examined. In this paper first a short literature review is conducted on the main concepts of supplier satisfaction and relation specific interorganisational information systems. The literature review is followed by the methodology in which the case company VDL ETG Almelo is introduced, and the survey data collection method is explained. The questionnaire used in this paper is adopted from multiple previous studies. The survey resulted in a response rate of 28.5% (N=113), from which 85 responses were used for the partial least squares structural equation modelling assisted by Smart PLS. Overall, the findings of this study show that no significant interconnection exist between supplier satisfaction and supplier relation specific interorganisational systems investments. (α = .05) Nevertheless, growth opportunity, profitability and dependence have been identified as the antecedents of supplier relation specific interorganisational systems investments. Moreover, in order to keep the suppliers of VDL satisfied, it is recommended to maintain good relational behaviour and relationship continuation, as those were the significant variables for the dependent variable.

Auteur: Arjan Woolderink