08 maart 2022
By Daphne de Vos
Tender attractiveness in the public procurement of strategic goods: understanding the factors that influence suppliers’ willingness to bid

The purpose of this research is to examine the tender attractiveness for public entities to achieve high participation in tenders of strategic goods. The factors were questioned through interviews with suppliers and focus groups with employees of the fire department of the Netherlands and compared to the theory. The results of the interviews have deepened the meaning of the literature-derived factors. The results of the interviews are clear communication, planning, flexible buyer, high quality/knowledge, transparency, award criteria, contract size, compensation, profit margin, technical requirements, standardization, innovation, penalty clauses, ceiling amount, insurances, financing, and engineering costs. Additionally, the results of the interviews are also linked to different literature-derived factors. The top-five factors derived from the interviews with suppliers, where two have an equal score, are planning, costs (ceiling amount), technical requirements, transparency, high quality/knowledge, and references. However, the results of the focus groups and interviews do not have an equal top-five of factors derived from the interviews, which results in a difference in thinking between suppliers and buying entities about the factors. An additional practical recommendation is that the fire department can adjust their planning so holidays do not fall within the registration period, the organization can check whether a ceiling amount is necessary or that costs can be asked in the market consultation. Also, providing good qualitative tenders can be done through hiring suitable persons or creating a project group of employees from different departments so knowledge can be pooled.

Auteur: Daphne de Vos